Adapter design with InnoSwitch3 IC successfully passed usb pd standard certification

by:MOSO     2019-12-20

Power Integrations, a well-known company deeply engaged in the field of high-voltage integrated circuit energy-efficient Power conversion (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) InnoSwitch™ based on Power Integrations announced today3-Pro and InnoSwitch3- A series of adapter designs of cp ic have been transmitted via USB power (PD)3. 0 standard certification. At a recent seminar in Portland, Oregon, nine adapter designs using InnoSwitch3 devices ( Including a variety of designs submitted by well-known power supply manufacturers)Successfully passed usb pd 3. 0 standard certification test. Among them, many certified designs adopt usb pd 3. 0 standard advanced PPS (Digital control power supply) Option, this technology can speed up the charging speed of smart phones, tablets and notebook computers without generating dangerous high levels of heat in the device.

InnoSwitch3-which can be dynamically set by Power Integrations- Pro integrated switch IC product series can provide digital fine adjustment of voltage and current to realize accurate control of battery charging. The new device can provide output power of up to 65 W, and can provide high efficiency performance of up to 94% under various input voltages and load conditions, and can work with microcontroller, the off-line power supply can also be controlled and monitored according to the instructions of the system CPU.

InnoSwitch3- Pro supports almost all fast charging protocols, including usb pd 3. 0 PPS, Quick Charge™ 4/4, AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP and other industrial and consumer battery charger standards, and are suitable for applications such as dimmable LED ballast drivers and adjustable output industrial power supplies.

Shyam Dujari, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: in the near future, usb pd 3. 0 will be popularized in mobile devices. PPS option is not only very important for smart phones and tablets, but also for notebook computers now, because the ultra-thin shape used by today's notebook computers has heat dissipation limitations. Our InnoSwitch3- Pro IC product family can provide up to 94% efficiency, ensuring calm operation of devices while reducing system BOM.

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