Adapter 3 c authentication shanzhai adapter hide the hidden, domestic products 3 c authentication cannot little

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
What are the 3 c certification? Why buy appliances electronic products to domestic 3 c authentication standard to just go on? In daily life, many consumers are not too much attention to this problem, are generally pursue good-looking or utility, but without 3 c authentication products there are many hidden dangers, but these hidden down the hidden danger is very fatal problem. Such as mobile phone chargers, household power adapter for example, many consumers have been bought with the price of a few yuan even ten yuan nominal power of the product, but generally conform to the certification of products, price a few dollars this is impossible, you can imagine, this kind of product may be standard, not only there is no security. So the question comes, how to identify our products is 3 c authentication products? What are the 3 c certification what is 3 c certification? Is the Chinese Compulsory product Certification system, English name China Compulsory Certification, CCC abbreviations. Through the CCC certification of the power adapter on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility performance meet national mandatory standard requirements. What is the role of the 3 c certification? It is the Chinese government to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, enhance product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system, the lack of 3 c authentication products may be counterfeit illegal products. 3 c authentication products above is 3 c certification logo, generally in accordance with 3 c authentication products will be printed on the logo, but many people would say if it is fake products, may be printed, that yes indeed, it is only the first step. Next, take a closer look at the post below information and whether the font clear, especially the labeled as if there were any trademark and name of the manufacturer; Because trademarks and manufacturers according to the 'China quality standard' as an accident, responsibility to trace the key information; General illegal enterprises dare not their actual company name and address. The importance of the name 3 c certification, main is to inform consumers don't pay attention to the reasons, and is not to covet petty gain, counterfeit products are generally can not stand the test of, even if you use it without problems, but these hidden hazard is very worrying. Remind moso power adapter manufacturer, buy home appliance of electronic product, be sure to choose and buy 3 c authentication products.
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