AC - The DC power adapter latest six levels of energy consumption standards

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Six levels of energy efficiency standards mainly aimed at the external power supply products. AC - DC power adapter manufacturers with the augmentation of the energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness, the external power supply ( Such as the current adapter, switching power supply, charger, etc. ) Demand is higher and higher, will be officially launched in 2016, six levels of energy efficiency standards, the external AC - The efficiency of the DC power supply in active mode of no-load power consumption requirements are higher than the current requirements, so for power measurement of power meter requirements are higher, according to the current standards in America and Europe for power meter accuracy is not lower than 0. 15%. CoC V5 for 6 ac - of energy efficiency Dc power adapter no-load mode power consumption requirements of CoC V5 for ac - The efficiency of the dc power adapter requirements ( Do not include low voltage external power supply) CoC V5 for ac - The efficiency of the dc power adapter requirements ( Low voltage external power supply) 6 AC - of energy efficiency DC power adapter level energy efficiency level of energy efficiency: it is said home appliances products energy efficiency height difference between a hierarchical method, according to the standard rules, said the product electricity saving has reached the level 1 level, low energy consumption. Level 2 said products more electricity; Level 3 said product energy efficiency for the average level of our country's market; Level 4 said product energy efficiency is lower than the market average; Level 5 is the product market access indicators, below the level requirement is not allowed to production and sales of the products. The above data compilation source from Internet! ( Judgment remain neutral to the statement, views, not contained in the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents provide any express or implied warranty. )
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