About VICOR power Maxi

by:MOSO     2020-02-24
The incoming range of power modules of VICOR power Maxi, Mini and Micro series is 66-154 V, Display Power 50- 400 W, unique wide display voltage regulation, display voltage range: 330mV to 52. 8V has 8 display voltages, 5 temperature levels, 6 pin styles and 3 substrate styles. Meet EN50155 vibration and impact requirements. These modules adopt advanced power conversion, control and packaging technologies, making the products superior in performance, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The module adopts zero current and zero voltage topology with extremely high switching frequency, which makes the power density and efficiency of the converter very high and the noise very low. Moreover, these modules are completely encapsulated and can withstand impacts and vibrations. They are developed for applications requiring solid and reliable power supply equipment such as railways and transportation. Other features include a wide incoming range in conjunction with the EN50155 specification; The efficiency can reach 90%. Users can also use VICOR Brick's intelligent system PowerBench ™ Self-assembly of different incoming, display and packaging specifications, and real-time online modification. DC incoming rated voltage 110V allowable variation range 90 ~ 150V reverse noise, current 10% ac incoming, voltage 220V ± 20% frequency 50Hz ± 5% ac display, voltage 220V ± 3% frequency 50Hz ± 0. 5% thank you for browsing our website. If you are interested in the VICOR power Maxi sold by our company, you can call our service line to learn more about related products, our staff will do their best to serve you. The company has been operating for many years, you can rest assured to buy your favorite products.
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