About Green module power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-28
About Green module power supply; The rapid development of computer technology has led mankind into the information society, and has also promoted the rapid development of module power supply technology. In 1980s, the computer * * adopted switching power supply, taking the lead in completing the replacement of computer power supply. Then switching power supply technology has successively entered the fields of electronics and electrical equipment. With the development of computer technology, green computer and Green module power supply are proposed. Green computers refer to personal computers and related products that are harmless to the environment. Green power supply refers to the high-efficiency power-saving power supply related to green computers. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency l June 17, 992'Energy Star' The plan stipulates that if the power consumption of desktop personal computers or related peripheral devices in sleep state is less than 30 watts, it will meet the requirements of green computers, improving power efficiency is the fundamental way to reduce power consumption. As far as the current 75%-watt switching power supply with an efficiency of 200 is concerned, the power supply itself consumes 50 watts of energy. The rapid development of high frequency switch communication industry has greatly promoted the development of communication power supply. High frequency miniaturized switching power supply and its technology have become the mainstream of modern communication power supply system. In the field of communication, rectifier is usually called primary power supply, while DC-DC (DC/DC)The converter is called a secondary power supply. The function of the primary power supply is to transform the single-phase or three-phase AC power grid into a DC power supply with a nominal value of 48 V. At present, in the primary power supply used in program-controlled exchange, the traditional phase-controlled stabilized power supply has been replaced by high-frequency switching power supply. The high-frequency switching power supply works at High Frequency through MOSFET or IGBT, the switching frequency is generally controlled at 50- In the range of 100 kHz, high efficiency and miniaturization are realized. In recent years, the power capacity of switching rectifier has been continuously expanded, and the capacity of single unit has increased from 48 V/12. 5A, 48 V/20A expanded to 48 V/200A, 48 V/400A. Due to the wide variety of integrated circuits used in communication equipment and their different power supply voltages, high power density high frequency DC-is used in communication power supply system- The DC isolation module power supply is converted from the intermediate bus voltage to various required DC voltages, which can greatly reduce losses, facilitate maintenance, and is very convenient to install and increase. Generally, it can be directly installed on the standard control board, requiring * * high power density for the secondary power supply. Due to the continuous increase of communication capacity, the capacity of communication power supply will also continue to increase. Dear visitors: Hello! Welcome to our website. At present, your location is our module power product page. The introduction of this page is relatively simple. If you want to know more about the product parameters, warm reminder: you can get in touch with us by viewing other pages or by message or phone to further understand the relevant product information, and we look forward to your call. In addition, our company also sells communication power supply, switching power supply and other products. The company has * actual combat technology and professional operation team to create services based on user experience for you, the perfection of service is our endless pursuit. Because people-oriented, so trustworthy; Because of professional full-time, it is worth choosing; Looking forward to your call negotiation!
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