A super small DALI decoding module, help you speed - DALI LED light market

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
Product features: adopts high performance CPU design, low power consumption, stable and reliable in performance. Modular design, super small volume, less pins, and LED drive power supply integration easier; DALI protocol decoding, IEC62386 standard, good compatibility, can any equipment in line with the DALI protocol with hang a bus control; Device type: 6 ( 领导模块) Optional PWM output level effectively, so as to adapt to a variety of driven by PWM to adjust the brightness of the chip, design more flexible; A variety of PWM output module models ( When placing order, to indicate the complete model) , it is suitable for various applications: module type PWM output channel occupy note CTT - DALI bus address DLMOD - No. 11 PWM output, the pin number PWM11 address for monochromatic light CTT - DLMOD - 22 road PWM output, the pin number PWM1 ~ 22 addresses are used to warm and cool color lamp or multiplex monochromatic light CTT - DLMOD - 33 road PWM output, the pin number PWM1 ~ 33 address for RGB light or multiplex monochromatic light CTT - DLMOD - 44 road PWM output, the pin number PWM1 ~ 44 address for RGBW light or multiplex monochromatic light module can be customized. Suitable for way by PWM dimming LED dimming driver. Electrical parameters: power supply: DC3. 3 ~ 5. 2V @ 20mA( max) ( Voltage current must be stable and reliable, otherwise it may cause the CPU not to work properly) ; Pin logic level: high level = VCC, low level = GNDPWM frequency: 500 hz, push-pull output, the maximum output current of 10 ma, The dimming range: 0% ( Closed) , 1% ~ 100% ( Open) LED indicator light: the normal work of the module, the LED flashing frequency and the output channel number. Peripheral circuit design is simple, quick learning, here is the reference circuit diagram. If the quantity is big, convenient for production, we have provided directly module chip cooperation way, please inquire for details.
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