9 w led rail light- Wide range Bluetooth controlled dimming and beam shaping

by:MOSO     2020-01-16

highly integrated and energy-efficient LED driver IC enables manufacturers to incorporate the latest features into their intelligent lighting products. The intelligent lighting-grade high-voltage IC of Power Integrations integrates a Power MOSFET and several control and protection circuits on one chip, which can help developers design a Power supply scheme with very few components, and greatly shorten the time to market.

PI released a new design example report (DER-646) This is an isolated wide-range input power supply that uses PI's LYTSwitch™- 6 Safety isolation LED driver IC and LensVector beam shaping control technology can simultaneously provide low energy consumption for LED and Bluetooth in intelligent track lighting system (BLE)Module power supply. This 9 w pwm dimmable LED power supply can provide more than 84% high efficiency and 0. Power factor above 9.

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