5 g and iot power LED intelligent lighting development

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
With 5 g and the drive of the Internet of things, the smart city will be LED lighting into a iot of network nodes, a number of international companies such as philips, Silver Spring Networks, Sensus all development related to intelligent lighting solutions, vendors active layout, through the intelligent street lamp placed sensor device, in turn, string integrate relevant city information, including the United States, India, the Middle East, mainland cities and other regions started intelligent street light plan, although the overall proportion is still limited, but smart city upgrade trend menacing, 2018 will expand all over the world. Major cities as the world competition in succession planning transition to smart cities, urban intelligent growing importance for lighting manufacturers, LED intelligent street lamp, LED general lighting will help get rid of the early price competition, and its subsequent operating maintenance market early, and intelligent lighting and intelligent the participation of urban planning, more conducive to giant play to the advantages of cross-border resources integration and strategy alliance, eliminate the small and medium-sized competitors of solo industry pointed out that 5 g will be early in the second half for commercial operation of the demand, on the 2018 global LED intelligent street lamp demand is expected to speed up the promotion. Philips lighting layout action is the most active in recent years, has been launched in 37 countries and 850 cities all over the world lighting intelligent networking 'CityTouch' plan, philips, points out that in the LED lighting can save about 5, energy consumption through networking lighting, further will reduce about 30% energy consumption, and is expected to 2025 years ago through intelligent networking lighting benefiting about 3 billion people around the world. Philips push CityTouch comprehensive street lighting management system, can through the integration of the software application interfaces and lighting equipment, can let the city managers through flexible function of simple operation, automatic detection and real-time remote control function for repairing service, and by the advantage in the field of lighting and electrical appliances, vigorously develop the mainland market opportunities in recent years, with such as millet, lenovo, huawei and jointly promote the regional market standards. Has started into the development of smart cities across the United States, including California, Washington and New York have begun to use sensors and cameras, the data link to the cloud data in order to solve urban problems, such as energy efficiency, public security, traffic demand, according to the national urban league ( 全国城市联盟缴送工作) According to the report, about 66% of U. S. cities started to develop intelligence, and another 25% have not yet intelligent system of urban city, also try to explore the new trend. New Delhi, India in new Delhi before the connaught square, 康诺特广场) Smart pole center install 15 root, as a smart city measures ( 智能城市项目) Demonstration site. And smart city plan was put forward by the Indian prime minister Mr Modi, the central government will allocate a total of 480 billion rupees to selected 100 cities, in order to improve the city's infrastructure, and rationing capital in the form of funds year by year. LED intelligent development wisdom city street lamp can be regarded as the first mile of road, because the advantage of street lamp with both height and density, will be an excellent carrier, can be used as the intelligent transportation construction in recent years has made Taiwan, the United States, Britain, the Middle East and other regions of the LED intelligent road light, is expected in 2018, LED intelligent street lamp shipment will hopefully increase 40 ~ 50%. In mainland China lighting industry fila wan xi on the rise of smart city business opportunities, will combine landscape lighting, road lighting, commercial lighting, indoor lighting traditional lighting lighting control in the field of application scenarios, such as the introduction of the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing technology, such as intelligent control system according to the statistics, the smart city related revenue contribution accounts for about half of the proportion, in addition to the mainland and southeast Asia outside the city, wan xi years are also a number of projects in South America and other regions, expanding into smart city follow-up maintenance.
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