2018 guangzhou international lighting fair grand opening

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
On June 9, four days of guangzhou international lighting fair import and export commodities fair exhibition kicked off in China. As the global lighting industry bellwether, 23rd in guangzhou international lighting fair across constantly breakthrough innovation, strong, colorful the cross-border activities of the exhibition, also indicates the continuous lighting industry of China and Asia. The scale of the exhibition this year to renew brilliance, covering 19 pavilions, a total area of 19. 50000 square meters; Exhibitors a total of 2602 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions. Many enterprises together with the most innovative lighting products and cutting-edge technologies from the race. The organizers also held in guangzhou international exhibition of building electrical technology and intelligent household security exhibition, guangzhou international intelligence, three exhibition together, bring a richer experience. The guangzhou international lighting fair 'star-studded,' citizen, Cree, Edison, light, electronics, HuaCan photoelectric, hong god remit the starlight, ruifeng, Seoul semiconductor, easy maxime light, wood Tomlinson, Ming weft and other well-known brands at home and abroad enterprises all appearance, compete to bloom. Exhibitors business across lighting applications, components and electronic components; The LED chip, packaging, module and light engine; LED driver, IC integrated driver and controller; LED components and packaging materials; The LED testing, testing and production equipment; Merchants can realize one-stop visit procurement. The future full of endless possibilities of the lighting, the guangzhou international lighting fair vigorously support the progress of the industry innovation, and lead the industry to explore. The theme of this exhibition is 'thinking. Lighting - Thinking. Declension ', held the exhibition, the exhibition, chairman of guangzhou in the Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD. , guangzhou, director Dr Pan Wenbo says, 'more than 20 years since, guangzhou international lighting fair always together with lighting industry synchronization, and become the most important influence of the lighting industry. In order to better service for the industry, we spend a lot of resources and energy, elaborate the colorful conference activities. We think guangzhou international lighting fair is not only a trading platform, is a global industry event of wisdom and industry experts. Hope that the participants can enlightenment in this trip, inspire new ideas and bring the new breakthrough. Source: 'Aladdin lighting network
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