'2017 China Internet + lighting peak BBS' held in Beijing

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
On December 18, '2017 China Internet + lighting peak BBS' held in Beijing, BBS to master everything connected under the intelligent lighting new opportunity provides a good exchange interaction platform, will greatly promote the production of industry of our country 'Internet + lighting' with coordinated development. 19 big report, and promote the Internet, data fusion, artificial intelligence and the depth of the real economy, and clearly put forward the construction of 'wisdom'. Lighting industry should seize the wisdom the interconnection of all things new opportunities, speed up the development of intelligent lighting. In big data and cloud computing and other technical support, mining lighting industry data value of all things, breeds new application type and business models. This BBS in 'all interconnected wisdom lighting new opportunities' theme, lighting around big data, big media scene construction, digital economy, intelligent lighting, energy-saving financing, the core content such as the Internet of things platform for discussion, from the production, people from all walks of life to share cutting-edge developments in the field of intelligent lighting lighting control. Katharine wang, vice President of the Beijing university of technology institute of microelectronics speech as a representative of the organizer. Wisdom of Beijing university, director of the center for urban studies at li3 qi2 wisdom city is from 1 is proposed. 0 to 2. 0 and depicts the wisdom city 2. The future definition of 0. Barter union chairman LeiYuYun in the presence of the Internet of things platform is no longer a technical system, but also a life tools, all are changing our life. Huawei Wang Wei is wisdom lights from the perspective of government and case application of Singapore, India puts forward a new exploration. American lighting experts Mr Raja sino-us comparative analysis on the intelligent lighting standard speech. Jing Chen zhong-dong Lin, chairman of lighting industry how to use the Internet as a child in the thinking of development to share. After yuan science and technology, henan chairman Zhang Ziyu on building integrated application of intelligent lighting system to share. BBS and from Peking University, tsinghua tongfang, founder construction institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China standard courtyard, schneider, yaming 26 provinces and cities of more than 400 from the national representatives of institutions and enterprises of BBS. This BBS is after 2015, since 2016 the third peak BBS 'Internet + lighting', the high level experts and scholars in the field of industry, together once again. BBS by Beijing wisdom city institute of Beijing university of technology and future network wisdom city research center of Peking University, Beijing high-tech innovation centre host; Beijing barter to undertake, construction institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national capital times, the yuan science and technology.
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