200w led driver factories qualified for exports
Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is among those Chinese led driver factories qualified for exports. We follow specific government regulations and has obtained permits and licences for exporting products. Our company has committed management teams as well as production capacity and financial capacity to be a competitive exporter.

MOSO is extremely famous in the non isolated driver industry. MOSO provides a wide range of advance led drivers for customers. MOSO led bulb driver has good quality. It has been thoroughly tested by our quality management professionals to test the tension and fatigue of each model. It does not prone to cause flickering and stroboscopic problems. Performance and advantages of waterproof led driver: waterproof power supply. The product adopts constant power design and adjusts output current through programming.

It is an eternal promise from our team to cherish resources and protect the environment. Please contact.
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