150W integrated pfc llc led street lamp power supply with PWM dimming technology

by:MOSO     2019-12-19

The world is speeding up the conversion of LED street lamps. However, the maintenance cost of LED street lamps is relatively high. Compared with the traditional scheme, its cost advantage no longer exists as long as there is a premature failure. The reliability and high efficiency of high-power LED drivers are the key factors for the success of these projects.

Power Integrations newly released design example report (DER-648)Is a 39 V-with PWM dimming- 54V output voltage, 150 w llc power supply with power factor correction. This power supply uses PI HiperPFS™- 4 High Power PFC controller and HiperLCS™ The integrated LLC power stage IC can achieve a minimum number of components, excellent thermal shutdown protection and high efficiency performance of more than 94%. In addition, its design also integrates PI's CAPZero™- 2 Zero power consumption X capacitor automatic discharge IC and Qspeed™ X Series diodes can further reduce losses and improve performance.

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